What is TakeUrPick?

TakeUrPick is a platform to connect local tiffin services in Mumbai both professional & home makers and give them a chance to showcase their culinary delights to end customers who will be spoilt for choice at the display of something very innate and intrinsic to their existence -The Tiffin of Food

Why us?

We are a crazy set of individuals who believe we have been bestowed with the great power and responsibility to change the way people search and order their tiffin online. Before starting this venture we spent numerous hours sourcing, testing and meeting vendors from different walks of life. And since we are humble and not connoisseurs ourselves we have had customers who order Tiffin Service in Mumbai sample the menus displayed on our website. It is the word of the masses that endorses this food! Food is what makes us tick! No we are not professionally qualified in it but we love it even dream about it in our sleep. Customer service-We strive to provide the best customer experience available in town! Do not believe it? Experience it for Real! We are Available on WhatsApp/Email/Phone/Sms to help you find your tiffin as soon as we can -9819304104/8898080504 Reasonably Priced, Great Food & Good Vendors!! So Pick.Order.Eat

Sunil Kumar

A Mechanical Engineer after spending over 10 years chasing crazy MNC deadlines and doing product marketing always harbored a dream of doing something of his own and what better than Food- Something Close to his heart .Having a mom who runs her tiffin service from home was an impetus to this endeavor.

Ronette Rodricks

A MBA in HR after dabbling in the field and hiring numerous employees across different industries .She realized that apart from friendly policies and awesome work culture what drives most Indians is Food. An amateur cook herself. She loves to feed people ;-)

Who are we?

TakeUrPick has been founded by 2 people coming from different walks of life with different ideas about life but connected by a common passion for food and everything related to it.