Take Ur Pick is a one of its kind marketplace to help an individual find a tiffin Service in Mumbai. It will aim to revolutionise and bring organization to a very current disorganized sector.Tiffin Services in Mumbai spring out on ecommerce platforms and humble abodes too.Our endeavour is to connect the end user to a tiffin service of his choice in Mumbai that will satiate his hunger cravings and help him live a healthy existence
An order Placed by 10pm the previous day would ensure lunch tiffin delivery the next day and an order placed by 2pm the same day will ensure dinner delivery the same day.We understand that the common Man leads a very hectic life and aim to be as flexible as possible. In case of any orders placed after the specified timelines.Lunch or Dinner will be delivered the next day
As you pick your meals in the Cart and get done through the payment options an Email alert is sent to your email id by default.
Cost mentioned at TakeurPick is an all inclusive cost of Food & Delivery.We do not intend or wish to surprise you with any hidden costs
For Lunch-We have two types of vendors enlisted some with their own Supply Chain and others who deliver through Dabbawalahs.Lunch Deliveries Generally happen between 12:30-2pm.You must excuse if we are late the first day since we are locating your address For Dinner-We have two types of vendors those with their own supply chain and those who outsource their delivery to a third party. Dinner Deliveries Generally happen between 8-9:30pm.You must excuse if we are late the first day since we are locating your address
Yes We do! In Fact all meals for people with Special Conditions-Diabetes,BP heart are sourced from Vendors with a Nutrition Degree
If in case what you get and what you ordered are different then we are not only apologetic but would not count the meal in your package after getting clarifications from Vendor Incase the Food Quality (on spiciness etc.) is not upto your mark please do not hesitate in calling /whatsapping us .All orders placed on our website will receive a customary call between 1-3 hours after placing the order to understand if there are any specific requests (less spicy,No rice-Only chapatti etc)
Since inception of this website we have been lucky and have already started receiving a healthy stream of offline orders apparent in our testimonials. We believe in the Voice of Customers and all Vendors Listed have been endorsed by our Customers on the run up to the creation of this website.
Yes We do.Just give us a call and we will work out a good economical Meal Plan for you!
Ofcourse you Can! We allow you to Pause a Meal twice during a Monthly meal of 22 days and once during a 10 day meal period. During a three day Trial we do not allow Pauses in Meals.
We do not allow Cancellations However Instead of a refund we offer you a credit note that can be used during the course of the next 3 calendar months
We would recommend taking a minimum 5 day trial which will give you into a peek of the Vendors Consistency Quality & Taste and see if it is a match to your requirement. No we dont allow a switch over during a trial because we want you to have a chance for the food taste to grow on you.
Just enter your area, choose from a list of tiffin vendors that deliver to you, select the food items you want to order and checkout. Once you have placed your order and chosen your method of payment, just sit back & relax, TakeUrPick will do the rest of the work for you!
We believe that online order is the most convenient way to order food. However, we do provide the facility for taking orders over phone. You can call us at 9819304104.
Yes, we do have the facility of Cash on delivery.
Depending upon the vendor you choose,you will either get the tiffin in steel containers or disposable plastic containers.
Yes, absolutely!! We appreciate our customers to share their experiences with us & the readers. Good or bad, we make sure that we share your reviews & feedback with the respective tiffin vendors.
A Combo meal plan means that there is Non veg tiffin delivery on Wednesday & Friday and Veg tiffin service delivery on Monday Tuesday Thursday & Saturday.
If there is a delay in tiffin delivery or the tiffin is not delivered please don't hesitate to give us or the chosen vendor a call..or drop us a mail at takeurpicktiffins@gmail.com